Distinctives of The HOPE - A Versatile Tool for Many Uses

It may not be possible to make a tool that is all things to all people, but The HOPE is many things to many people. The 36 Biblical events of The HOPE are organized into 12 Chapters and 4 Sections, making it adaptable to a variety of ministry applications. The HOPE may be used for evangelism or discipleship, in a single showing or in segments over a period of days, weeks or months.

The following is a list of the Sections, Chapters, and Events in The HOPE. The companion study guide for The HOPE follows this same organization with 65 daily devotional type lessons designed for use over 12 weeks.

Chapter Descriptions

Section One

1. The Universal Question - Is There a Purpose?
2. The Voice - Recorded for All Time in a Book

Chapter 1—In the Beginning
3. The Story Begins with God - His Attributes
4. Creation - A Reflection of God’s Power and Nature

Chapter 2—The Choice
5. The Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge
6. The Rebellion of Satan and The Creation of Hell

Chapter 3—The Deadly Disease
7. The Deception and Fall of Man
8. A Deadly Spiritual Disease Enters the World
9. The First Promise of a Deliverer

Section Two

Chapter 4—Prelude to the Promise
10. God Was Grieved - The Great Flood
11. The Beginning of the Nations - The Tower of Babel

Chapter 5—Blessed to Be a Blessing
12. The Calling of Abraham
13. Abraham Offers His Son - God Provides a Substitute

Chapter 6—People of the Promise
14. Isaac, Jacob and Joseph - The Promise Lives
15. God Prepares Moses to Lead the Hebrew People
16. God Brings the Hebrew People Out of Slavery

Chapter 7—Called to Walk in the Ways of God
17. God Gives the Hebrew People the Law
18. The Need for a Deliverer

Section Three

Chapter 8—The Promised One
19. The Birth of the Promised Deliverer
20. Jesus as a Child
21. The Baptism of Jesus
22. The Temptation of Jesus

Chapter 9—The Ministry of Jesus
23. Jesus Calls His Disciples
24. The Ministry of Jesus
25. Jesus Offends the Religious Leaders

Section Four

Chapter 10—God’s Love and Justice Intersect
26. Jesus States His Mission
27. Jesus Confronts the Religious Leaders
28. Jesus’ Final Hours with His Disciples
29. The “Trial” of Jesus
30. The Crucifixion of Jesus

Chapter 11—He Has Risen
31. The Burial of Jesus
32. The Resurrection of Jesus
33. Post-Resurrection Appearances

Chapter 12—His Followers – Yesterday, Today, and Forever
34. The Coming of The Spirit
35. His Followers Through the Ages

A Personal Invitation
36. His Invitation to You