Uniqueness of the Story

The HOPE is based upon the central story of the most quoted, most published, most translated book in human history. This book, the Bible, is unlike any other.

Harmony - The Bible was written by more than forty people from different walks of life that lived over a period of fifteen hundred years. Yet, as if its authors were guided by an unseen hand, there emerges from its pages one story of eternal proportions, centered around one extraordinary character...One who would deliver the world from death.

Historicity - The scope and historical accuracy of the Bible is beyond comparison. Dr. Nelson Glueck, one of the greatest modern authorities on archeology, said: "No archeological discovery has ever controverted a Biblical reference. Scores of archeological findings have been made which confirm in clear outline or in exact detail historical statements in the Bible. And, by the same token, proper evaluation of Biblical descriptions has often led to amazing discoveries."

Prophecy – The Bible contains thousands of prophecies. None have been proven false. Many have already come to pass. Probability studies have shown that the likelihood of even small numbers of these prophecies coming to pass with such accuracy is nothing less than a mathematical impossibility.

Conclusion - The fact is, when a person truly considers the uniqueness of the Bible, it takes less faith to believe that it is a divine work than to believe it is the result of human design or mere chance.