Stories of Hope

Read about some of the stories about how The HOPE is being used in missions.

Helping Haitian Refugees in Mexico

Bible Box delivering content via WiFi
April 2017. There are some 7,000 Haitians stuck in Tijuana with hopes of getting into the U.S. Many of them had been contracted to work in BraziI for the Olympics and then forced to move on. One of our ministry partners is coordinating an effort to prepare “Bible Boxes” for these displaced Haitians. These boxes will include copies of The Haitian Creole HOPE. Many of the boxes will actually be distributed with Micro SD cards for use in mobile phones, which are common among these people. Pictured - A BibleBox delivering content to a group in Mexico via WiFi.

Waiting in Line and Watching The HOPE

Sindhi HOPE
From Pakistan to El Salvador, what do food and clothing banks have in common with medical and dental clinics? People often have to wait in order to be helped. In the past two months, we received reports from ministry partners in three very different parts of the world, each one telling how The HOPE was used to share the Gospel while people waited to be served.In Pakistan, Sindhi speakers watch The Sindhi HOPE in a clinic while waiting to see the doctor. 

New York Churches Give Away HOPE DVD's!

man sharing The HOPE
March and April 2017 - Two New York Churches recently placed orders for HOPE DVDs; Evangel Assembly of God (100 copies on 3/31) and Brunswick Baptist Church (60 copies on 4/19). These two Churches have been putting HOPE DVDs in Visitor/ Welcome Packets since 2006 and 2008, respectively. Together they’ve given away 3,660 HOPE DVDs! 

God Talk in the Mall

Oakridge Mall San Jose CA
March 18-19, 2017, Oakridge Mall, San Jose, California - Some of our ministry partners have been involved in a strategy this spring called “God Talk in the Mall.” They had 300 HOPE DVDs (English and Spanish) on hand to give to people who were interested to know more. Here’s what they reported after one of their weekends, “We had a grace-filled weekend at the God Talk. We had 67 people stop at the kiosk and take our survey; 39 of the 67 wanted follow-up! We are not sure exactly how many DVDs were handed out, as we had 45 volunteers on two-hour shifts all day Saturday and Sunday, with four people per shift.”

The HOPE Connects with Refugees!

HOPE for Refugees
Early in 2017, we connected with a woman in Germany whose church has been helping refugees from the Middle East make a new life in a new country. They started a 12-session class using The HOPE to share what the Bible teaches about salvation through Christ. About 30 people attended each time and they showed The HOPE in Arabic, Farsi, and German. The HOPE provides good discussion points between Christians and Muslims. It has proved to be a great tool in ministry to refugees across Europe and in the U.S.!

The HOPE for Tibetans

Tibetan HOPE in Nepal
Following is a short story from one of our partners in the field."We recently showed a film called “Hope” that is tailor made for Tibetan people to hear and see all the stories of the Bible and understand the gospel. One Tibetan Buddhist monk arrived an hour late to our showing one night. He was so enthralled with the last half that he insisted we come into the Buddhist school the next night and show the film again for him and all the staff. The next day he discussed the gospel and Christianity with one of our translators for over an hour.

Sharing Thai HOPE in the Corporate World

The HOPE in Thailand
In January 2017, missionaries living in Thailand told us that several years ago they gave out 75 copies of The Thai HOPE to all the employees of one company. A woman who received a copy found the disc stuck in her DVD player a year later... so she watched it. It made such an impact that she called them with questions and ended up asking Jesus to be her savior! God's timing is always perfect!

HOPE on a Finger Tip

Early in 2015, we partnered with other ministries to send 40 thousand micro SD cards to the underground Church in Iran for undercover distribution. Each card contained The Farsi HOPE video (and some other videos) and a Farsi Bible. In an earlier project we partnered to send 50,000 micro SD cards with The HOPE into Arabic speaking countries. Unlike printed Bibles, micro SD cards can easily be copied and inserted into mobile phones, where they are hidden from the view of those who are hostile to the Gospel.

HOPE Behind Veils and Masks

HOPE Behind Veils and Masks thumbnail
Veils and masks cannot hide hearts from the Gospel. Of the top 20 countries in the world where Christianity is growing the fastest, 11 have a predominantly Muslim population. They are all in the Middle East, Africa and Asia; 4 of them are actually governed by Islamic law. How do we explain the rise of Christianity in these countries?

Jesus in the Night Club

Jesus in the Night Club
In the words of a Julie Miller song, “What would Jesus say, what would Jesus do? Where would Jesus go, we've got to go there, too.” That’s exactly what Paul (lower right corner of the adjacent photo) did in the Philippines. Meeting regularly with a group of young people in a nightclub he showed segments of The HOPE and then opened his tattered Bible to share the Word. During that time several of them prayed to receive Christ as their Savior. Thanks Paul, for modeling Jesus for us!