Purpose of The HOPE

For many, the Bible is a mysterious, or perhaps even, an unknown, book. Others view the Bible as a collection of ancient stories and wise teachings about our world. And while many may consider it a divinely inspired book about God, they see little connection or continuity in its contents. Yet, from the first page of the Bible to the last, there is one amazing story of eternal proportions that weaves through the text like a scarlet thread. It is an epic story of forgiveness, freedom, and fulfillment. It is the story of God’s promise for all people...the greatest story ever told!

Through The HOPE, this entire story can be experienced in a little over an hour, or it can be seen in chapters and used for study over a period of days or weeks. And, it can be adapted for any culture or language group. 

Created in cooperation with motion picture producers and distributors worldwide, The HOPE was prayerfully designed to make God’s story accessible to people everywhere, in any language. The HOPE was created to give viewers a desire to explore the Bible, and to discover the One who claims to be its author.