Partnering Process

As creators and stewards of The HOPE we desire to guard the integrity of the message and to preserve the rights we’ve received for footage used in The HOPE. Beyond this, we do not want to hold this resource too tightly. Rather, we want to offer it to the worldwide Body of Christ, that it might be His tool for all. Our highest goal with The HOPE is to help you make it what it needs to be so that God can use it in your hands.

And the “you” we are referring to is not necessarily an individual, but a collective. In most cases, God has called numerous people to minister within a people group, either from the same organization or from several organizations and Christian denominations. Our experience has taught us that the more this collective of Christ-followers works together, the stronger and more widely useable the resulting translation/adaptation will be.

That is why we encourage and require the involvement of multiple end users in each Ministry Partnering project whenever possible. Below are helpful documents that explain in more detail how the partnering process works.
Click here to read the summary version of the partnering process

Click here to read the expanded version of the partnering process

See a visual of how the Adaptation process works

Click on the picture above for a larger visual of The HOPE Adaptation Process Flow Chart