Our Ministry Strategy – Partnering

Early in the development of the ministry strategy for The HOPE, the board agreed that it should not be the role of Mars Hill to determine the priority of translating The HOPE into one language over another. After all, there are nearly 7,000 living language groups in the world today, and they must all be reached with the Gospel in order to complete the Great Commission. Many of these groups are still considered unreached. Who is to say which one should be given priority? 

Instead, it was decided that we would develop a process by which others could partner with
Mars Hill to produce translations of The HOPE. This “Partnering Process” would then be promoted among the appropriate mission communities worldwide. In other words we would simply “raise our flag up the pole,” and whoever saluted, that is whom we would get behind.

This strategy placed Mars Hill in the role of responder and facilitator rather than initiator. It made room for God to initiate translation projects through others. He has made Himself known in ways we could not have imagined. As a result of this ministry strategy, we now have over a 100 translation projects (completed and in process). All but a few of these projects have been initiated by our partners. 

Please let us know if you would like to partner on a translation, or in the dissemination, of
The HOPE. We would be blessed to get involved with you in making His name known among all the nations.