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The Gospel Coalition Farsi Website

Posted : 2017-05-18
Gospel Coalition
85% of evangelical churches globally are led by pastors who have no access to formal education or training. To aid in this theological famine, The Gospel Coalition has been translating theological and biblical resources (ie; John Piper books, study bibles, etc.) for pastors and elders of churches in these least reached areas. Mars Hill has been invited to collaborate with The Gospel Coalition by making The HOPE available in a variety of new ways so international church planters can be equipped to teach the meta-narrative of scripture to their congregations.

New York City - Jesus Week 2017

Posted : 2017-05-18
Saturate New York with The HOPE
The week of May 27-June 3, a coalition of churches in NYC are coming together like never before for “Jesus Week 2017.” In the span of a few days, hundreds of churches and parachurch organizations will be mobilized to every zip code in NYC – ministering in schools, troubled communities, and to the poor. An estimated 150,000-200,000 homes will be reached with the gospel! Over 800 languages are spoken every day in NYC, and one partner in this project has identified every household where a language other than English is spoken at home.

New Translations of The HOPE in Production

Posted : 2017-05-18
Since the beginning of the year, we’ve started three new translations of The HOPE. One is for the Guarani people in Paraguay. The other two are for people groups in Central Asia and East Asia. These must remain anonymous for security reasons. We’ve also got five new languages in the que, ready to start soon!

Farsi HOPE Broadcast Easter Weekend

Posted : 2017-05-18
Farsi HOPE Broadcast
April 14-16, 2017. The Farsi HOPE was broadcast at strategic times throughout the Easter weekend. Both The Farsi HOPE and The Turkish HOPE are now being broadcast regularly via satellite into Iran and Turkey, respectively. Please pray that God superintends these broadcasts and that many are quickened by God to respond to the Gospel as they watch The HOPE.

Looking Back on 40 Years of Ministry

Posted : 2017-04-24
What God has Taught Us devotionals
Mars Hill was founded in 1977 by Fred Carpenter and Larry Kreider. Together they shared a vision for the potential of ministry through media. In this year (2017), marking the 40th anniversary of Mars Hill Productions, we are taking the time to recount the lessons God has taught us; lessons that have guided us in ministry and led us into a deeper understanding of His ways. We invite you to visit...

From My Heart to Yours

Posted : 2017-04-24
Hebrew HOPE
As the president of Mars Hill, I am often asked, “How do you decide which language(s) will be next for a translation of The HOPE video?” Knowing there are over 6,500 living languages in the world, and that every tongue, tribe, and nation must be reached with the Gospel (Rev.5:9, 7:9), we believe that God should determine the next language. We’ve done our best to serve this conviction by setting up and promoting a partnering process to allow for as many translation opportunities as possible. In other words, we raise the flag for The HOPE in the missions community worldwide, and we partner with whoever gathers around the flagpole.

HOPE Over the Heavens

Posted : 2015-04-15
Within the past year, one of our partners has broadcast The Urdu HOPE nationwide via satellite in Pakistan. Another partner ­is now scheduling broadcasts of The Farsi HOPE in Iran!

HOPE on the Internet

Posted : 2015-04-15
HOPE on the Internet thumbnail is our website that streams The HOPE and provides help for seekers in many of the world's major languages. This graph shows our recent increase in traffic.In the past few months, our traffic has climbed from an average of 300 visitors/day to over 600 visitors/day.Over 70% of these visitors are coming from predominantly Muslim countries.In the past month, we've had over 2,000 visitors from Indonesia, the most populated Muslim country in the world. And we don't even have an Indonesian version of The HOPE (but we're working on it).

HOPE in the Town Square

Posted : 2015-04-15
HOPE in Town Square
Two of our partners are streaming The HOPE video on micro Wi-Fi transmitters. These tiny units can be hidden from view and used just about anywhere: a town square, a market, a train or a remote village. They send out a Wi-Fi signal transmitting only the content you determine; in this case, The HOPE video. When people look at their Wi-Fi enabled mobile device, they see that a signal is available, which is a big deal in areas where Internet service is poor and hotspots are few. When people connect, they connect to God's redemptive story!

Updating The HOPE

Posted : 2014-12-12
Updating The HOPE
The HOPE was created over 10 years ago using state-of-the-art technology and broadcast quality footage from some of the most epic Bible movies ever produced. Much has changed since then.Over the years, we’ve learned a great deal about what works (and what doesn’t) with different types of people. With these insights and some new tools, we’re now pursuing a plan to update The HOPE.