Distinctives of The HOPE - Need for the Whole Story

We live in a complex world with many conflicting views about God. In cultures that lack or have lost the influence of a Biblical worldview, a Gospel presentation that moves too quickly toward a decision for Christ is often ineffective.

In some Asian cultures, people do not see the need for a Savior because they have no real concept of sin. In India, people with a polytheistic worldview have been known to simply add Jesus to the list of gods they worship. And in postmodern, Biblically illiterate western cultures, many people may dismiss the Christian faith as a sort of “Freudian” sociological phenomenon. These people have yet to encounter the record and scope of God’s involvement in human history as revealed in the Bible.

Every person has a story from which he or she derives meaning or value. When we reduce God’s grand redemptive story to a condensed presentation of spiritual truth or a personal testimony, we run the risk of pitting what may be perceived simply as our story against someone else’s story. The metanarrative of the Bible on the other hand presents an explanation of reality so comprehensive and cohesive, so beyond the realm of human fabrication, that it cannot be easily dismissed. The HOPE presents the Gospel as God’s “big story" ... the greatest story ever told.